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Gender inequality and energy poverty

A forgotten risk factor

Rosa, 81, died in Reus on 14 November 2016 because Gas Natural Fenosa had cut off her electricity. This violated the Catalan energy poverty law, 24/2015, the result of a Popular Legislative Initiative. Unfortunately, energy poverty is a growing problem affecting more and more families and has devastating consequences for the physical and mental health and financial situations of those suffering from it. Energy poverty kills.

Alliance against Energy Poverty, Cataluña

Standing up to human rights abuses by energy corporations through advocacy and mutual support

In Spain, energy poverty is a very real and punitive phenomenon, affecting around 5.1 million people or some 11% of the total population. In recent years, the Alliance against Energy Poverty (Alianza contra la Pobreza Energética - APE) has brought about a paradigm shift in Cataluña by bringing this issue to public attention. This alliance of energy poverty-affected people, social movements, local residents and NGOs is showing for the first time that energy poverty is much more than a question of whether or not families can afford to heat their homes. For APE, access to basic supplies such as energy and water is a fundamental human right.