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Cooperation Jackson, Mississippi

People power drives social and ecological transition

The vast majority of people in Jackson, Mississippi live at or below the poverty line, struggle with chronic unemployment and under employment, poor health and an extreme wealth gap between black and white that is the product of an apartheid-like economy and social order. Cooperation Jackson works to transform the city into one that is ecologically regenerative and centered on economic relationships rooted in equity, solidarity and mutual aid.

Community Power, Minneapolis and Minnesota

Local energy solutions to support energy democracy and community wealth-building

In 2011, a campaign that would eventually become Community Power was set up, with the aim of directing more of the US$450 million Minneapolis residents spend each year on energy bills towards a clean energy economy. Since the partnership’s creation, a broad coalition of actors have pushed forward community-grounded energy solutions: universally-accessible, debt free financing for energy efficiency upgrades; and switching to 100% renewables; workforce development for marginalized communities; just community solar.

Alliance against Energy Poverty, Cataluña

Standing up to human rights abuses by energy corporations through advocacy and mutual support

In Spain, energy poverty is a very real and punitive phenomenon, affecting around 5.1 million people or some 11% of the total population. In recent years, the Alliance against Energy Poverty (Alianza contra la Pobreza Energética - APE) has brought about a paradigm shift in Cataluña by bringing this issue to public attention. This alliance of energy poverty-affected people, social movements, local residents and NGOs is showing for the first time that energy poverty is much more than a question of whether or not families can afford to heat their homes. For APE, access to basic supplies such as energy and water is a fundamental human right.